Monday, July 30, 2012

Spanish delight-Happy 23, the year has just begun

I don't know what you are, and what I am for you. 
I don't care really. Just words and names.
I just like you very much, even though you get on my nerve easily, especially with your fucking bad manner/words towards me.
I like to eat you too.
I like to be with you.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

The New African Fashion

For those who are interested in the basic of the basics of African Fashion, you must purchase Helen Jennings book on The New African Fashion ( . She's the editor of Arise Magazine, a super edgy and refreshing magazine based in London. The book is compilation of photos from designers and models who are of African decent. One of the issues the book touches on ( very briefly) is the idea of why African Fashion is not widespread. One of the factors is manufacturing. The continent is notorious for its culture of everyone taking it's resources but no one puts back and builds ups. Designers are forced to manufacture their clothing in london or india if they want to make a surplus of whatever they created. By then, the decision becomes based on costs and what is effective. So, many of the intricately unique designs and trends sometimes stay exclusive within the African countries' borders.

Another interesting perspective is that many of the designers and models revert to the fashion industry because it serves as an outlet from their war torn countries and villages. Like first world drama of drug addicts, homelessness, and violence caused by narcissistic greed, these models face problems uncontrollably brought on by their brutal government.

Here are some models strutted it!

A Society based on Reality T.V.

We live a culture of personality, where our actions are unethical. We aren't taught to own up to our mistakes, and instead, our wrong-doings are rationalized into good decisions. It's true that everyone tries to live good lives, but shit happens. So, why throw people in jail for the small stuff that may have been tipped off by society's inequalities? I was watching the local news and the big story was some lady who stole Similac ( baby formula) from a grocery store. The newscaster said that if anyone should find her, report her to the police- becuase she deserves jail time ( sarcasm). I thought it was upsurd for them to even mention something like this after reporting about job losses and the beleaguered world economy. The poor woman was just trying to feed her kid, even if it meant stealing. 
I read an opED by Maureen Dowd about the backwardness of why jerry sandusky was not exposed sooner. It's a story of "don't ask, don't tell."  Everyone knew, but no one did anything. And for what? To protect someone's image? Some pseudo local celebrity? I'm not sure if it's just an American thing, but MORALS are definitely something our culture lacks. 

The first time my morals were ever tested, I was scared straight. I was scared of what people would think of me, how the person involved would react and what would come next after I told the truth. I asked (2) friends what to do, and both said "don't tell," To protect myself and to move on with my life. But something in my gut, said to tell the truth, because if it was me, I would definitely want to know. It was my responsibility. I consulted with my friend Alex, and she encouraged me to tell the truth because at the end of the day it was not about me; it was about people who would come after me. And besides, it was not all my fault. It was scary to put my morals to the test and risk a total defamation of character. But who was i? So, I finally owned up to being a total adult and citizen of the world, and in retrospect, honesty will always trump everything! Till this day, I feel proud of myself for committing to the person I hold myself to be...

You can read the article here for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Have we become a society of total narcissists, only thriving for the good of oneself and out of control unethical snobs? 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lifee at 22...

At a Glance.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coachella! I love you

Arriving have awake, half high in the dry open polo field in Indio, I could not help but wonder what exactly i got myself into. why flying half way across the country to go to a music festival is so appealing i spent over 300 bucks on a wristband. Then I stepped onto the festival grounds took a look around at the 7 stages, the people, the weird art installations and the energy and remembered why you only live once. Coachella did it!

Our Beliefs

 Our beliefs. 

We have a strong system of values, rituals and girl code that is adhered to on a daily basis. We grasp on to these laws of success, physical attractiveness and sexuality. They run our lives. Everyone should have some type of belief.  Now, I’m not talking about solely religion. Though We are vested in the powers of the universe and The holy spirit, we are in charge all the time. Namaste, you feel me. 
I don’t believe in eating bread and cheese during the week. I got to stay fit and fat free. I believe in getting facials on Saturday mornings, manicures included. We believe in leaving the club with our heels still on. Some of us don’t believe in seeing guys in flats. Makeup was the best thing invented and capitalized on since the Pill- oh we believe in that, too.  We make our cake, and eat them too. We live life on the edge. There’s absolutely no time for bull shit. 
Only tables and VIP at the club. Standing the whole night ? Who does that again? Expensive dinners at the best of the best. Fighting over whose got the check this time around.. separate bills? nahh. 
Guys like to buy us drinks. Top shelf. We don’t believe in saving new friends numbers.  Jewish guy, finance guy- well some of have a lot of these guys, so it can get specific as, Goldman guy, trading floor guy, radio station guy, german guy. Did we mention we believe in civil rights and integration?
I believe in free shipping. It makes me all the more merrier in the name of Internet shopping. We believe in sales. Designer things bought during an after Christmas sale at Saks and sample sales are the new, old. 
We play smart. I like to win. I believe in good sportsmanship. And, our circles are right. Pun intended. We believe in making mistakes, Spending money we earned making salary full time jobs, Paying our own bills, we’re single till marriage. Although, some of us have been engaged, set to be engaged… and other things related to that…. Some of us are the breadwinners. Listen, I just write this ish, no one said this is all inclusive! 
 I believe in laser hair removal. Washing my face every night before bed. I’ve been known to drunk cleanse. I believe that every girl has the an inalienable right to beauty. It’s skin deep. A commonality Not worth arguing. And, so that’s why I am a princess. And guys should choose their actions based on this fact. 

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62nd and Market

Broken down
Store Fronts.
Abandon houses
Nothing but
Satellite dishes.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


If you ever feel uninspired, go to a museum. 

sex and the city